A company that looks at the future

We are able to provide technical assistance for the design and implementation with poses in work and supply of any refractory material.

Stm Forni


Our company’s main objective is our customers’ satisfaction, so every operation is performed by highly specialized staff, with its equipment and property for completing the service that the company offers to the customers, our technical support qualified staff is made up by electricians and operators specialized in metalworking, offering for its clients a complete and reliable service.


STM FORNI LTD offers its employees’ twenty years of experience in the branch of the refractory lining, ranging from pottery kilns to all types of any machine that need insulating, the company also offers technical support for the design and realization with installation and laying in work and supply of each type of refractory materials.

Specialists in
kilns, dryers, heating systems and refractory


Our first goal is the continuous research of technological innovation and quality of materials that allow us to gain more and more market segments

Our company has the primary goal of customer satisfaction , therefore STM FORNI guarantees all work with qualified personnel ( employees and / or members ) also can rely on Masons , very experienced and Support electricians and specialize in steel structures .


Certified company


Working with leading manufacturers of ceramic furnaces in the world and with leading manufacturers of ceramics

STM FORNI guarantees his work trying to satisfy customer requirements .